If 'Damn' is gaming music, the game is chess w/ Music Nerd Dylan Owens

On the latest episode of NerdAF hosts Hugh Johnson and Richard Williams welcome music writer Dylan Ownes, snappy dresser and local music nerd, on to the podcast. The trio are joined by Force Ghost Brad to talk some of the latest Nerd Words. Starting the episode off with #WeekInGeek, Kendrick Lamar's historical Pulitzer Prize, Beyonce headlining Coachella, times we struggled for our personal nerd habit and more. This week's game is "Nerd-A-Song" where our hosts and guests choose a popular song title and geekify the title, ie "End of the World of Warcraft" or "Nerd Up!" Play along on social media before April 21, 2018 for your opportunity to win a pair of tickets to The Trujillo Company in Denver, Colorado.

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